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“Signore, dammi di quest’acqua, perchè non abbia pièu sete e non continui a venire qui ad attingere acqua” (Gv 4, 13-15)

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San Luis, Argentina, 9 settembre 2017 Festa di San Pietro Claver, patrono dei missionari in Africa nera.   Quest’anno la siccità è stata molto grande… in tutta l’Africa dell’Est. Noi lo abbiamo notato, poichè la nostra riserva di acqua piovana si stava prosciugando rapidamente. Grazie a Dio abbiamo potuto trovare acqua nel terreno del postulantato,…

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Things I´ve Learned from Others… Two Very Simple Stories

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Ushetu, Tanzania, April 27, 2016 “The mystery of the Incarnation is the great missionary mystery” God teaches us many things through our contact with these people.  I was surprised a few days ago while I was talking with Stanislawsi, the catechist from Ilomelo.  This happened during my visit to this village to celebrate the Easter…

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Have you all visited a Christian refugee camp in Ebril? I invite you all…

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Institute of the Incarnate Word - Refugee Camp

I would like to share with you this account of Father Emanuel Martelli, IVE who visited our missions in Baghdad and Erbil, Iraq last week.  In that time there, he had the opportunity to visit some of the Christian refugee camps. P. Diego Cano, IVE. ——————— “This is the time to give our testimony and…

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