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A Change of Plans

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Ushetu, Tanzania, May 5, 2016. At breakfast I told Fr. Victor my plan for the day: to sit at my desk in the office and take the opportunity to get up to date on some secretarial work.  I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans.”  Immediately…

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Things I´ve Learned from Others… Two Very Simple Stories

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Ushetu, Tanzania, April 27, 2016 “The mystery of the Incarnation is the great missionary mystery” God teaches us many things through our contact with these people.  I was surprised a few days ago while I was talking with Stanislawsi, the catechist from Ilomelo.  This happened during my visit to this village to celebrate the Easter…

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“One More Tabernacle, One More Holy Sacrifice Daily”

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Ushetu, Tanzania, November 2, 2015. Sometimes I think that the work of a missionary is not well understood.  This is understandable because missionary work is part of a mystery.  Since he takes part in the Eucharist, the missionary priest participates in this “mystery of faith.”  For some people, the missionary ought to “do things”… above…

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Feeling at Home

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Ushetu, Tanzania, 4 September 2015 Today I will try to interweave some less important thoughts (like talking about the weather) with others of greater bearing (like some reflections on my day). You have heard me repeat several times lately that we are in the dry season.  Here, the year is divided into two seasons: dry…

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